How to protect yourself from Food Poisoning

6 May, 2014 (06:04) | Uncategorized | By: John Cook

Food poisoning is when you get sick by eating something which is contaminated with harmful germs like bacteria, viruses and parasites. Food poisoning can cause E.coli and Salmonella. There are many ways to protect yourself from food poisoning. With these tips you can save yourself and your family from food poisoning.

Smart food shopping
When you shop for food look for stores which are clean and smell nice, there is a good chance the food there will also be good. If you shop from a dirty store there is a chance that food might not be stored safely.
While shopping always see the expiry date on everything you buy.

  • Avoid cans that are leaking, rusty, bulged or badly dented.
  • Buy eggs which are in stores refrigerated section.
  • Put poultry, meat, fish and eggs in plastic bag or away from your other food.
  • Avoid frozen food which have frost or ice crystals on their packages. It means it has been warm before then frozen again.
  • Always buy frozen food at last so it won’t become warm when you come home.

Get Cold food home safely
Cold food can become contaminated if they become warm and should not be frozen again. So getting home cold food fast and frozen is very important. Follow these steps.
Remember cold food needs to be in refrigerator within 2 hours. In 90 °F temperature it needs to be in 1 hour.

  • If you have other things to do before coming home, do food shopping later.
  • During hot days if you have air conditioning on your car then put food in passenger’s seat to keep it cool.
  • First thing you should do when you get home is to put cold foods in refrigerator.

Precautions needed at home
Always wash your hands with soap and warm water. Do this after and before touching food, after using bathroom, changing diaper and even after touching pets. Wash fruits and vegetables with running water and always wash cutting board, utensils, dishes and counters with hot soapy water after making each food.
Separate Raw meat, poultry, and seafood from cooked food
Use separate cutting boards for raw meat, poultry, seafood and Fruits and vegetables. If you can`t use two boards then wash it after using it for every different type of food. Don’t use plate that had raw or uncooked food on it.
To check if the foods like meat, poultry and eggs are cooked use food thermometer to make sure it is good to eat.
Use precaution when you eat out
Always eat in a restaurant which is clean, if it doesn’t seem clean or smell good eat somewhere else. Always know that hot foods need to be served Hot and cold needs to be served cold. If food is not according to its temperature then send the dish back. online store